People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel.—Maya Angelou

Customer service is integral to the success of your municipality, organization, or company. When your customer service agents succeed, you do too. In many cases, they are the first “face” of your company.

If the first impression, by phone or in person, is a negative one, the customer may become angry, you may lose business, and your reputation may be tarnished, especially with the prominence of social media.

When employees learn to manage their emotions when dealing with stressful situations and difficult customers and learn how to deal with the emotions of their customers, everything changes!

If we continue to let our emotions rule over us, there’s no way
we’ll ever be the person we were meant to be.” —Joyce Meyer

The SET Principle for Customer Service Excellence offers a unique tool and fresh perspective on customer service.


  • Handle challenging situations with logic and creative thinking,
    not emotions
  • Become aware of current negative thinking and behaviors
    blocking your success
  • Come across as compassionate, understanding, and eager to help
  • Understand the major complaints that customers have and
    how to address them
  • Improve productivity and focus–feel great!
  • Leave work feeling energized, not exhausted

    BONUS! Use the tools and techniques of The SET Principle to help manage emotions at home and behind the wheel!
SET Principle for Customer Service Excellence, City of Tamarac, FL

“Marsha’s energetic, engaging delivery was very well received by participants.

The SET Principle is extremely valuable because of its focus on ensuring employees are equipped emotionally to deal with a range of scenarios in their customer service roles.”
—Karen Clarke, Learning and Development, City of Tamarac

“This program has taught me humility and patience, which have been truly helpful in how I handle situations.” Workshop Participant, Customer Service Representative, City of Tamarac

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