Can you relate to this photo?

Are your emotions running amok?

Have you ever left work or home after getting into an argument or receiving bad news? Chances are your emotions, like those of the young lady in the photo, were out of control.

Perhaps you were fine when you began your trip, but then encountered a major traffic jam, accident, or road construction that prevented you from picking up your children from school on time or caused you to miss a major sales call.

Don’t let emotions “drive” your behavior

Alarming statistics!

The increasing number of accidents, deaths, property damage and increase in insurance costs are shocking. According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration’s website, in 2018, there were over 36,000 deaths! Florida, where I reside, is the third highest state, ranking only behind California and Texas, which are larger and more populous states. We had over 403,000 crashes and over 3,100 fatalities! (

In the news, billboards, and ads, we see organizations encouraging us to avoid distracted driving and texting and driving. What no group or program has addressed is the emotional state of the driver when: 1. he/she enters the vehicle 2. receives a disturbing phone call while in the vehicle or 3. when facing major traffic delays, accidents, or out-of-control drivers.

The Get SET for Driver Safety program fills that void.

Program description and results

Get SET for Driver Safety is a program based on brain-science that educates drivers how to manage their emotions under stressful situations, so they can keep the thinking part of their brain fully operational in order to make better choices.

The SET Principle® tool is simple, easy-to-use, and can also be applied to situations at work and at home.

Results: Decreased number of deaths, accidents ( and the resulting injuries), property damage; reduced stress, inconvenience, and time away from work; lower insurance and worker’s compensation premiums, as well as out-of-pocket expenses.

The Get SET for Driver Safety Program is ideal for all drivers, but especially for fleet owners (truck and auto), drivers’ education programs, traffic schools, school bus departments, insurance companies, and auto dealerships.

Interested in learning more about offering a program at your company or organization? Use the contact form below or simply pick up the phone and give Marsha a call at (954) 249.7745.

Let’s work together to save lives and make our roads safer!

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