The SET Principle® Desk Frame

The 4″ x 6″ desk frame serves as a useful reminder to keep emotions in check
when dealing with difficult situations or challenging personalities.

Increase productivity and focus, reduce stress, and wrap up your workday feeling more positive and energized!

Keep the frame on your desk or remove the insert to take on the road!

Includes a 2-page informative handout that explains:
– The important role emotions have in influencing our decisions and behaviors
– How to get the emotional and thinking brains to work together so you can
achieve better results!
– The many uses of The SET Principle at work, home, and behind the wheel

$12.95 price includes the SET Principle desk frame (as shown), 2-page handout that will explain The SET Principle in greater detail, plus shipping and handling within the continental U.S. Please call us for discounts on large orders: 954.249.7745 or email:

The SET Principle® Car Sticker Set (2 separate stickers)

Arrive safely to your home or office by placing this 4″ x 4″ steering wheel sticker on your car’s visor or the 11″ x 3″ sticker on the front windshield above the AS-1 line. It will remind you to keep emotions in check when you face heavy traffic, arrogant drivers, or receive an upsetting phone call. Reduce crashes, fatalities, serious injuries, insurance rates, and more by staying calm and focused on the road.

Don’t let emotions “drive” your behavior Get SET for Driver Safety®

$9.95 per set includes shipping and handling within the continental U.S. Please call 954.249.7745 or email for discounts on large orders.