The SET Principle Program for Students

Considering the stressful and emotionally-charged environment we are currently faced with, this is the ideal time to offer The SET Principle® program, which will help your students manage their emotions at school, work, home, and behind the wheel.

“Manage emotions. Avoid commotion.”

Students will acquire the knowledge and tools to manage emotions when:
– Dealing with personality clashes with friends and family members
– Taking exams
– Delivering speeches
– Going on job interviews
– Being pressured by peers to vape or use drugs
– Handling day-to-day stressors (e. g., technology issues and juggling busy schedules)

Please use the contact form below or give us a call at 954.249.7745 (M) to learn more about how this program can be delivered as a keynote, a train-the-teacher program with licensing, and/or as a program for professional development day.

Based upon the neuroscience, the tools the program provides will help students understand how the emotional and thinking parts of the brain work and how to keep emotions from “driving” their behavior. It will also show the permanent damage to the brain caused by vaping.

Get SET for Driver Safety®

A separate program that addresses managing emotions behind the wheel is also available, called Get SET for Driver Safety®. This program can help reduce fatalities, crashes, and serious injuries. After hearing this presentation at a DOT meeting, a former police officer, now expert who compiles crash statistics for the state of Florida, commented, “Your program really gets to the heart of changing driver behavior.”

See the video below that was created to explain the program. Although targeted to schools in South Florida, it can be delivered virtually to any school in the U.S.

For more information, please complete the contact form below or call Marsha Freedman, M.S. at (954) 249.7745.