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The Coach Architectural Sales Team increased their ability to manage emotions by 54% from the time of the program until the 3-week follow up!

—Gary Ross, Director of Sales Coaching, Coach

One of the major takeaways of The SET Principle® training is the tools to help me identify when too much emotion is involved. I can separate it out and control the interaction, so it typically has a positive outcome.

—David Hernandez, Project Manager, Florida utility

I used The SET Principle® to calm my nerves before going into a meeting with the company president. As a result, I was able to address any of his concerns in a calm and confident manner.

—Gary Ross, VP Sales, Coach Architectural

I can now resolve confusing situations between my buyer and the real estate agent without becoming argumentative. Thanks, Marsha for sharing The SET Principle® with our group.

—Frank Gonzalez, Sales Account Manager, Oldcastle

I’ve had the honor of reviewing The SET Principle® Training Program. As a PhD clinical psychologist and researcher, I find it is based upon sound principles of behavioral and neuro/brain-science. What really resonates with me is that The SET Principle® program offers relevant information and simple tools that can be applied to challenging situations we all face whether at work, at home, or on the road.

—Dr. Jeff Randall, Ph.D

We found The SET Principle® to be a very valuable program to help employees manage emotions. It’s simple and easy to apply. I highly recommend it to other companies!

—Brenda Weaver, Account Executive, Aon Private
Risk Management Insurance Agency

One of our employees put The SET Principle® into action immediately after Marsha presented it to us, before the program was even over!

—Bonnie Steinberg, Director of Human Resources,
Volen Center